Why is Among Us so popular?

The answer seems to be the Twitch streams, as Among Us was played by popular players on the streaming platform of online games such as Sodapoppin, Pewdiepie, Shroud and Ninja. On Twitch, Among Us has 3.3 million followers – in comparison, Fortnite has 3.7 million. Download Among Us at AmongUsGamePC.com.

among us game for pc

I said that there were many memes about the game on Twitter and Reddit. This would also be another reason for its popularity. It is also possible that many people have already exhausted other online games that can be played remotely with friends during quarantine, and the game is something new and easy to play from afar.

In addition, the game supports playback on multiple platforms, PC and mobile, both in local and online multiplayer games, making it easier for people to play the game together, regardless of the device they use. Many players also use the Discord platform to chat with friends in real time while playing.

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